7 Irish Specialties for St. Patrick’s Day

Here are seven of our favorite Irish specialties for you to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day. Our list has all you’ll need to get your green on: bread, soup, mains, sides and even a couple of boozy surprises. The list follows the photos above, starting from the top left to right, then the bottom left to right. Enjoy and Erin go Bragh!

1. Irish Soda Bread
Soda Bread is an Irish favorite in our family and I make two different versions each year: My Mother’s Irish Soda Bread and Traditional White Irish Soda Bread.

2. Irish Potato Leek Soup
Both potatoes and leeks feature prominently in Irish cuisine, and what better way to enjoy them than together? This classic soup is rich, velvety smooth and comforting.

3. Irish Steak & Stout Hand Pies
The crust on these charming handheld pies is tender and flaky, but still sturdy enough to support the savory Guinness-infused steak filling.

4. Poached Salmon with Leek Cream Sauce
In our restaurant days, this specialty was a guest-favorite even beyond St. Patrick’s Day. Poaching the salmon leaves the fish delicate enough to showcase the luscious flavor and texture of the leek cream sauce.

5. Irish Colcannon
We first experienced this traditional Irish potato dish at a pub in a remote village of Ireland (whose name we’ve long forgotten) during our cruise ship days. Every time we make it we are instantly transported back to that place and time.

6. Irish Cream Liqueur
Did you know you can make your very own Irish cream liqueur? Well, you can, and it’s easy and delicious. You might even make it when it’s not St. Patty’s Day. Like, maybe just an ordinary Tuesday.

7. Irish Cream Cheesecake
Think chocolate chip cheesecake on steroids – this decadent dessert hits all the right notes. It’s even better when you make it with your homemade Irish cream liqueur.

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