Gingerbread Cookies that Taste Even Better Than They Look (And these are pretty darn cute!)

I am in love with these little gingerbread folk. These gingerbread cookies are wonderfully spiced with a mellow molasses flavor to carry them along, and crispy edges with a slightly soft center. I prefer to use mild molasses as I find that the full-flavored variety can overpower the ginger and other spices. To make the molasses easy to pour from the measuring cup, lightly coat it with cooking spray before adding the molasses.

Gingerbread is easy to make but it is important to chill the dough for at least two hours before rolling it out – overnight is even better. Unlike sugar cookie dough, you will not be able to roll this dough out until it has been chilled as it is very soft after being mixed and needs that time to firm up so that the cookies will hold their shape while baking.

This chilling period also lets the spices and molasses fuse together to create the terrific flavor of these classic Christmas cookies. Even after chilling, gingerbread dough is very sticky, so be sure to flour your work surface and rolling pin before rolling it out.

These gingerbread cookies are a feature on my SarahBakes Holiday Menu, and you can choose to have them with – or without- royal icing. I’ve had several customers buy a dozen or two plain gingerbread folk so that they can decorate them at home. However you have them, you can’t help but be charmed by these darling cookies, which taste even better than they look.

And for all you home bakers out there (my people), to get a copy of this easy, fun and delicious gingerbread cookie recipe just click the link below. I would love to hear from you, so please let me know what you’re baking this season!

Gingerbread Boys and Girls Recipe

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