Omigosh…It’s ZEPPOLE WEEK!

Zeppole Mania is here!

March 19 is the feast day of St. Joseph, and Italians everywhere are celebrating the arrival of Zeppole di San Giuseppe, a traditional Italian pastry filled with a lush and creamy custard filling.

The feast of St. Joseph is this Friday and we cannot wait to go crazy making Zeppole di San Giuseppe, named just for this occasion. Unlike a regular Italian zeppola, which is a fried ball of dough, Zeppole di San Giuseppe are impressive, donut-sized pastries filled with a sweet custard cream and traditionally topped with a syrupy Amarena cherry.

Although I am utterly not Italian, as a wife of one Sicilian and mother to another, I have made it my mission to know and master as many Italian specialties as possible, from lasagna, to piccata, to all the sweets. Have you ever seen an Italian sweets table? It is a next-level experience. The tradition of feasting on Zeppole di San Giuseppe on the feast of St. Joseph dates back to the 19th century and still carries on strong today.

These pastries are only available this Thursday, March 18 and Friday, March 19, in packages of 6 or 12 pastries. I am offering 3 filling options: Sweet Custard Cream, Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Coulis Whipped Cream. These will go fast and once they’re gone they won’t be available until next year, so place your order today! (Or, click HERE for the recipe and enjoy the tradition of making Zeppole di San Giuseppe in your own kitchen!)

Zeppole di San Giuseppe
$20/pack of 6
$38/pack of 12

You can choose all one filling or an assortment.

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