Custom Decorated Cookies for every occasion (and palate)

Words come easy…art, not so much.

While I love the art of writing, I have never been good at visual arts. Painting, drawing, sculpture, sketching – my efforts in these areas have been few and terrible. I can look at a piece of blank paper and my fingers get all excited to lay some words down, but give me a blank canvas and all my creativity goes out the window.

Unless that canvas is a cookie.

For some reason, a blank cookie calls out to me, just begging to be decorated. Royal icing, buttercream frosting and gel paste food coloring are my media, and once I get started I have no idea what is about to happen. But, I know it will be fun. I know it will be visually appealing. And, of course, I know it will be delicious.

The world is your cookie.

The images below are some cookies I created for pop-up events at Shanna Lee Boutique, featuring travel-themed shapes and handbags made with sugar cookies and buttercream. While royal icing is often the top choice for detailed designs, Shanna prefers buttercream and I have so much fun working on her cookies. She tells me the theme, the color scheme (bright colors, always) and then it’s up to me to create cookies that will meet the occasion.

SarahBakes can create custom cookies for you!

You can have your own custom cookies for your next special occasion. I have a ton of cookie cutter shapes and you can choose whether you would prefer royal icing or buttercream frosting for the decoration.

I will be creating a new cookie for Shanna Lee’s pop-up event this Thursday, May 13 and can’t wait to see what they look like. I would love to bake some special cookies for you, too. Send me an email to and let’s see what deliciousness we can create! If you need some inspiration, check out my Cookie Gallery which is full of great cookie pics to help you get started. Until then, happy baking!

Cookie Gallery

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