The SarahBakes 12 Days of Cookies Advent Calendar is Here!

My 12 Days of Cookies (and Sweets) Advent Calendars have arrived and are ready to be filled with a variety of sweet SarahBakes cookies and confections!

Count down the days until Christmas or just have some holiday fun with this deliciously darling holiday treat! Each box comes with 12 punch-out compartments and each one is filled with two of the same miniature, heat-sealed treats for a total of 24 treats. Featured treats and decorations may vary from those pictured in the photo above and will include:

  • Decorated Sugar Cookies (featured on 2 days)
  • Decorated Gingerbread Cookies
  • Italian butter sweets
  • Creamy caramels
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Chocolate Almond Toffee
  • Sun Brittle
  • Norwegian Spritz
  • Belgian Waffle Cookies
  • Chocolate Icebox cookies
  • Peppermint Meringue Kisses

Each treat is individually heat-sealed for safety and freshness and will keep for several weeks at room temperature. Each calendar is $50 and pickups may be scheduled starting on Sunday, Dec. 12 (3 to 4 PM) through Wednesday, Dec. 23 (regular pickup times: M-F between 10-11 AM or 5-6 PM). Supplies are limited so place your order today!

2 thoughts on “The SarahBakes 12 Days of Cookies Advent Calendar is Here!

  1. Karen Clark

    Such fun to read about your holiday preparations/baking! Wish I lived in ND. I have prepared several of your Italian dishes, which turned out to be family favorites for us, as well! Thank you for your inspirations and recipes.

    • Thank you, Karen – I love to hear this! Which dishes have you enjoyed? I’d also love to know how you find our recipes – are they in a local publication where you live? It truly brings me joy to know that you have found some favorites – food is a wonderful connector. It is my pleasure to share my love for food and family with you. I wish you peace, joy and merriment this Christmas season!

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