From the Cookie jar: This week in cookies

I have been busy creating a variety of custom decorated cookies this spring, and this week’s collection includes flags, flowers, butterflies and sunglasses. Each order has involved a new cookie design and bright, bright colors, and I continue to be inspired by the unique requests I receive from my wonderful clients.

This week in cookies…

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Celebrate Syttende Mai in style with Norwegian Specialties from Sarahbakes

Syttende Mai is almost here!

Come Monday, Norwegians around the world will join in the celebration of Syttende Mai, the seventeenth of May and Norway’s greatest national holiday. Cities, town and villages across Norway and throughout the Norwegian diaspora will showcase their pride with parades, flags and a host of traditional Norwegian treats.

Proudly Norwegian…

I have fond memories of my 100% Norwegian-American grandfather telling Norwegian jokes and calling my siblings and me “tulabook” and “hukalars,” Norwegian words he’d made up to use as terms of affection. Every year at Christmas, my mother would spend hours making traditional krumkake, rosettes and sandbakkels, often baking well into the wee hours of the morning to ensure that our holidays were filled with Norwegian flavor. We wear our Norwegian heritage with pride and take delight in sharing these special treats with others (even non-Norwegians).

SarahBakes can help you celebrate with traditional Norwegian treats.

My Syttende Mai menu includes my mother’s authentic Norwegian krumkake, as well as the most darling little pepperkaker cookies that are cut to fit on the rim of your coffee cup. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a true Syttende Mai celebration without an abundance of flags and hearts, so I have combined the two into one cookie with my almond-vanilla sugar cookie cutouts.

There is still time to place your order:

These specialties will be available to order until 9 PM on Friday, May 15, for pickup on Sunday evening or Monday, May 17. Whether you are blessed to be Norwegian, or not (poor you), we would love to bake some special treats for you! Click HERE or on the button below to view the menu and place your order.

Recipes are meant to be shared…right?!!

And, as always, if you’re in the mood to make some Norwegian treats in your own kitchen, I’ve included a list of some of my favorite Norwegian recipes for you below, including a few savory dishes.

I would love to know how you celebrate Syttende Mai, or if you’ve ever even heard of it! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email to

Sarah’s Norwegian Favorites:

Bløtkake (Traditional Norwegian Cream Cake)
Pepperkaker (Norwegian Gingerbread)
Norwegian Meatballs
Norwegian Gravlax
Grilled Salmon with Lingonberry Sauce