Recipe Time Capsule, week of Mar.31 – Apr. 6

This Week: Symphony Salad with Minty Orange Dressing, HoDo Lavosh, Salade Niçoise, North Dakota White Bean Puree, Fresh Berry Friands, Pasta Primavera

I write a weekly food column for Forum Communications, which appears in the Lifestyle section of The Forum newspaper and several of its subsidiaries throughout the Midwest. Below you’ll find links to past columns featured this week, since the column’s debut in 2012. Just click on the photo to visit each link. For a printable recipe, see the list at the end of the post.

This week’s time capsule features a host of springtime specialties, including one of my favorite pastries: Fresh Berry Friands. These oval-shaped Australian tea cakes get their wonderful texture from almond flour and egg whites. They are charming and delicious, no what shape you make them. 

Enjoy, and please let me know what YOU’RE cooking this week! Read More

6 Beautiful Salads to Welcome Spring

Spring is *finally* here! After a long (LONG) North Dakota winter, this day could not come a moment too soon. Even though my house is still surrounded by mountains of snow, our recent trend of above-zero temperatures means that soon we will be witnessing the last vestiges of winter and I AM GRATEFUL.

To celebrate spring’s arrival, here are six of our favorite spring salad recipes, including our newest favorite feature from my weekly column in The Forum newspaper: Rainbow Layer Salad with *Mayo-Free* Buttermilk Herb Dressing. Read More