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I’m so glad you’re here for the launch of my new blog, Good Food and Words. Today, November 14, marks the 6th anniversary of my weekly newspaper column for Forum Communications, and also happens to be my birthday. 😊

I love serendipity, and with two special occasions falling on the same day this year, today seemed like the perfect day to go live with our new site. We’re still a work in progress and will be updating the recipe content rapidly in the coming days.

But for now, with one of the biggest food holidays of the year just around the corner, we wanted to make sure you had access to our best Thanksgiving recipes and tools. If you can’t find your favorite recipe or see an error or typo with our content, please let me know either in the Comments section below or send me a message via the above Contact tab.

Read on to find out what you can expect from Good Food & Words and be sure to enter your email address at the right to subscribe to our newsletter!


Can you imagine a better way to celebrate than cake? I love cake, and you’ll find a great variety to choose from in our Desserts section in the coming days. But today’s triple-celebration calls for an extra special cake, and our classic Flourless Chocolate Torte is the champion of extra-special.

In spite of its decadence, this simple cake is easy to make and requires only 5 basic ingredients – chocolate, eggs, butter, coffee and sugar. It is definitely triple-celebration worthy.


I’m a storyteller by nature and food is my muse. Over the past six years, I’ve shared more than 300 recipes and stories with my readers, all inspired by a special recipe or food experience.

You can find many of these recipes here today under the Recipes tab above, and more will be added in the coming days until we’re up to date. Hopefully, that’s a good incentive to inspire a return visit.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting featured recipes each day, and sharing helpful culinary tips and stories. Be sure to check out our Thanksgiving section for special recipes, tips, lists and wine pairings all inspired by the holiday.


Words are a passion of mine, and on the right side of the page you’ll find all kinds of fun features inspired by words.

Check out our OLD WORDS section, which takes you to our Recipe Time Capsule for links to my Forum columns from this week over the past six years.

Click on CURRENT WORDS to read this week’s column and get the newest recipe (hint: gobble-gobble).

NEW WORDS features the most recent blog posts so that you can stay up to date in case you missed a post.

And, finally, my WORD OF THE WEEK, where you can build your food vocabulary each week with culinary words, terms and phrases. And, because I love words, sometimes I might include a word that has nothing to do with food, just because I like the sound of it.

If you see a recipe or image that you like, let me (or your friends on social media) know – I love to hear from my readers!

And now I will pop the virtual champagne cork and dig into my virtual flourless chocolate birthday cake (an excellent pairing, btw). Cheers!

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    Congratulations on your new blog; lucky us as your readers and all the great things we will learn about. Sarah, thank you for loving words and great food recipes. Also, a huge Happy Birthday that will make you happy all year. I suppose Tony bought you that $50M diamond that I saw on TV news.

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